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Sep 28, 2017 - 34 minute read

Incontri a palazzo ducale genova

The Doge's Palace Italian: Palazzo Ducale is a historical building in Genoanorthern Italy. Once the home of the Doges of Genoait is now a museum and a centre for cultural events and arts exhibitions. Incontri a palazzo ducale genova is situated in the heart of the city, with two different entrances and façades, the main one on Piazza Matteotti, and the second one on Piazza Incontri sienaù Ferrari. The first parts of the Palace were built between andduring the flourishing period of the Republican history of Genoa, while the Torre Grimaldina also named "Torre del Popolo" - Tower of the People was completed incontri a palazzo ducale genova The palace originated from the acquisition by the commune of Genoa of houses of the Doria between San Matteo and San Lorenzo churchesafter which the construction of an annexed new building was started. To this, ina tower of the Fieschi family was added. The palace was restored in the s by Andrea Ceresola. Init was subject to a fire, and was subsequently rebuilt in Neoclassicist style by Simone Cantoni. On the main floor, the so-called Piano Nobileare the frescoed halls of the Maggior and Minor Consigliowhere many public events take place. The Palace of the Doges was restored inin occasion of the celebrations of Christopher Columbus and the th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas.

Incontri a palazzo ducale genova Eventi in programma

Il mondo di Frida Kahlo e Diego Rivera. Come il sogno, anche la memoria cerca di Miti senza tempo Stay informed on our latest news! About Us Help Center. Samuel e Luca De Gennaro. L'architetto genovese Renzo Piano dialoga con Maurizio Maggiani del rapporto che entrambi hanno con Genova. It was quite extensive and well narrated with the audio guide included in the entrance ticket. I capolavori raccontati Genoa International Music Youth Festival.

Incontri a palazzo ducale genova

cicli incontri palazzo ducale Cinzia Pieruccini Cirus Rinaldi Cities for life Codice Etico Comunità di Sant'Egidio concerto gospel ducale genova Eduardo Souto de Moura Elena Cattaneo Elettropark Elodie e Zibba Emir Kusturica Enrico Rava Enzo Bianchi Espressionismo tedesco. Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura è il principale centro di produzione culturale di Genova con importanti mostre d'arte, eventi e convegni cicli incontri palazzo ducale Cinzia Pieruccini Cirus Rinaldi Cities for life Codice Etico palazzo ducale genova Paola Mastrocola Paolo Becchi Paolo Branca Paolo Giordano Paolo Ricca Papa. Da Monet a Bacon Capolavori della Johannesburg Art Gallery 17 novembre - 3 marzo Fulvio Roiter Fotografie 8 settembre - 24 febbraio Palazzo Ducale di Genova @Ducale_Genova Principale centro di produzione culturale di Genova. #OPaxo [il palazzo] ospita mostre d’arte, convegni, cicli di incontri e attività didattiche per le scuole.

Incontri a palazzo ducale genova
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